It’s fun to exercise out in the nature.
Our camoing site offers a variety of possibilities, for every guest, for evey age...

Additional playgrounds for our youngest guests, which are equipped with a swing and a sand box, and are located close to the set up areas, so your children are always in sight.

A big playground as meeting point for children. This one is equipped with swings, slides and a climbing tower. With a water pump and a water slide this area is easily turned into a fun mud paradise at hot temperatures. 

Beach volleyball field  a football pitch  Indoor and outside table tennis for teens.

Natural swimming pond: Especially during hot summers, this pond is a relieving refreshment where one has a swim and others splash in the water with excitement.

Very close to the Oertze river we have installed a  water treading zone, just as Sebastian Kneipp would have recommended. As all the streams in the heath, the Oertze is pretty chilly, and everyone who is willing to step into the water is challenging his body. However, it is a prickling and healthy experience. A typical Kneipp-Kur!

Further fun actvities:

Bicycle tours  Gokart  Canoeing